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Shineway Rewarded As “China Top 20 Most Competitive Medical Listed Company”


(Reporter: Zhang Teli, Translator: Chen Liwei) On 30th July, the result of The Third China Top 20 Most Competitive Medical Listed Company is obtained in Wuhan city, Shineway Pharmaceutical was selected in the list, and had obtained this reward three times successively, besides the comprehensive scores of Shineway Pharmaceutical ranks top.

The selection activity was held by China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, starting from February, and lasting for five months. The listed enterprises are selected by analysts and media vote among 153 China medical companies located in China Shanghai, China Shenzhen, China Hong Kong and New York etc, the annual turnover of which are more than 100 million yuan on the basis of eight indicators including increasing rate of sales volume and profit, rate of return on common stockholders' equity, asset-liability ratio, current ration, sales volume, profit, and total market value. The above eight indicators are deemed as data base and occupy 68 percent of total score, and the other 32 percent are determined by experts and stock analyst. The competitive force was analyzed from industry, management, capital, source, and entrepreneur. The selection activity reflects the enterprise’s position in industry, development capability, management ability, capital operation ability, tangible asset and intangible asset, and the competitive force of medical companies after being listed on board.

The selection on The Competitive Force of China Medical Listed Companies was held three times successfully, which was acknowledged and accepted by several listed medical enterprises due to its scientific and rational appraising system, objective and just selection procedures, and profound influence. Seeing from the result of last Two selection activities, the listed medical enterprise all grows very fast and provides useful information to shareholders.

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